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Acrylic Emulsion For Blackout EAGATEX (BO-40)

13 Sep, 2022

Acrylic ester for fiber fabrics (Woven & Nonwoven) that performs equally in the 3 layered blackout application. A newly launched grade applied in 3 layers. Layer 1 which involves the reformulation with fillers & white pigments to seal all pores of fabric substrate (High Binding Force to Fabrics). As for layer two which is mixed with carbon black pigment (Good Pigment Compatibility). Eventually the 3rd layer which is on the external side that exhibits a (Strong UV Resistance).
EAGLE CHEMICALS is glad to announce its unique EAGATEXT BO-40 for Blackout Coating Application. 

EAGATEX (BO-40) is a self-crosslinking acrylic ester in aqueous dispersion for chemical bonding of fleeces & nonwovens for technical textile & the finish of fabrics.

• 40% Acrylic Emulsion
• Below 500 Cps
• Anionic surfactants
• APEO Free
• Neutralized by Ammonia
• Low TG

Uses & Applications:

• Particularly suitable for flocking as well as to the chemical bonding of nonwovens.
• To be combined with other acrylic dispersions

Special Features:

• For the finish of the industrial textile & fabrics made from all types of fibers
(Blinds - Outdoor Fabrics - Tents)
• Curing takes place between 130 & 170 degrees (Celsius)
• Suitable for multiple coating mechanisms (Fitting different production lines)
• Premium Tack Free Behavior