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High Solid Pure Acrylic Emulsion C-EAGLE(PA6/58)58%

16 Aug, 2022

Acrylic polymer emulsions and other water based acrylic polymer products are important tools for the decorative & industrial coatings.

EAGLE CHEMICALS produces a line of specialties that can be utilized for a wide range of applications in various industries. These are formulated with a precise blend to provide superior results when used in water base coatings.
EAGLE CHEMICALS is glad to present its all new Pure Acrylic Emulsion C-EAGLE(PA6/58)58%

• Plasticizer Free
• Viscosity (500 - 3000) Cps
• APEO Free
• Solid Content 58%

Uses & Application
• Decorative Interior & Exterior Paints (High PVC Coatings)
• Water- proofing Top Coats
• Excellent Alkali & Water Resistance
• Excellent UV Resistance