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Opaque Polymer

09 Mar, 2022

EAGACRYL OP-30 A Glimpse of Innovation

Opaque Polymer For Cost Saving Formulations

A non-film forming aqueous emulsion polymer which aids in reducing costs. The polymer consists of hollow acrylic/styrene beads supplied in emulsion form. Initially these beads are filled with water.
When a paint containing EAGACRYL OP-30 Opaque Polymer dries, the water permanently diffuses from the core of the particle and is replaced by air.
These encapsulated air voids supplement the hiding effect of titanium dioxide, which permits the manufacturer to reduce the amount of titanium dioxide without sacrificing hiding power and tint strength.

Special Features
• Reduced required TiO2
• Improves paint application and performance properties.
• Wide formulation latitude from medium to high PVC paints.
• APEO free

Get The Most Out Of EAGACRYL OP-30
• Cost saver by more than 8% while offering equal hiding.
• Offers excellent scrub resistance.
• Improved dirt resistance in exterior coatings.
• Improved block resistance for interior coatings.