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Chemistry Of Rheology Modifiers:

16 Jul, 2019

Rheology Modifiers are specialty additives that have a direct impact on the rheological characteristics. Rheology modifiers are mainly used as an aid to reach the ideal rheological profiles either pseudo-plastic or thixotropic. The flow behavior of the paint/coating is controlled through reaching the optimum viscosity.

Newtonian Flow:  With different shear rates the viscosity of the fluid remains constant.

Pseudo-plastic Flow: With an increasing Shear Rate the fluid exhibits a drop in viscosity

Dilatant Flow: With an increasing Shear Rate the fluids exhibits an increase in the viscosity

Classification of Rheology Modifiers:

Rheology Modifier

EAGA-HASE belongs to the Hydrophobic Alkaline Swell-able Emulsion family. A rheology modifier (Thickener) for Water Based Coatings & Other industrial applications that require high PH medium.

Our EAGA-HASE is a hydrophobically-modified ASE. A hydrophobic acrylic ester monomer is introduced to the regular Alkaline Swelling Emulsion. EAGA-HASE is an acidic specialty additive which is PH dependent. 



  1. Acrylic
  2. Thickener


  • Strong Shear Thinning
  • Anti-Sagging
  • No Flocculating Action
When the emulsion is diluted with water and
neutralized with Ammonia, it becomes soluble.
the emulsion clarifies and becomes highly viscous. 

  • Water added with ratio (1:1)
  • Resists Enzymatic Attacks so no Anti-Bacterial
  • No Coagulation when mixed with Dispersing Agent

  1. Cellulosic
  2. Thickener

  • Expensive
  • Needs addition of Biocides
  • Speed mixing (High Rpm) in addition to speedy
    neutralization is required.

Recommended Doses:

  • Low-Medium Shear:(1-2)% for Optimum Performance
  • Medium-High Shear:(0.4 – 0.9)% Acts as a Secondary Thickener


Gives a clear viscous solution when diluted with water and neutralized with a base. Effective in improving low shear rate viscosity.

Compatible with Soaps, Synthetic Detergents & Dispersing Agents. Can work in textiles, leather and water-based ink industries.

Optical & Mechanical Properties:

Gloss for paint based on 55% binder: in comparison with other thickeners of the same type EAGAHASE achieved the least drop in Gloss levels.

Opacity: With 98.5% EAGAHASE is in the lead with the best covering after 1 week