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High Solid Long Alkyd

09 Feb, 2022
When working with wood, it's vital to think about how to safeguard it. The interaction of structural design, material selection, and maintenance determines the structure's performance and service life. Practically speaking, the first item to remember is to eliminate moisture traps as much as possible, as this creates a risk factor for future rot to develop. At this point EAGLE CHEMICALS steps in with one of its highly performing products that has granted its users during the past years a SHIELD PROTECTION.

LA-EAGLE(S68-15/100)100% Ultra High Solid

Low Viscosity (2000 - 4000) Cps
High Gloss
Good Leveling & Brush-ability
High Wood Penetration
High Flexibility

Wood impregnation Stain
Reactive diluent
Very low VOC paints (ECO-FRIENDLY)

EAGLE CHEMICALS is also providing an extra solution to handle your piece of wood differently from the classic approach of Long Oil Alkyds. Having Water Borne Emulsions on our portfolio is giving us an edge to fulfil all customers' preferences.