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Anti-Carbonation Coatings

09 Nov, 2021
                                          Passion Led Us Here
 After having an overview on the coatings industry, it is noticed that many of the customers are so focused to achieve a professional final touch on any coated substrate. What is even more important than the initial coating is the applied protective coating that maintains the attractive appearance.

In case of poor handling & neglecting the protective coating the consequences might become fatal to the initially applied coating layer.

Accordingly, we are offering a new solution to be added to EAGLE CHEMICALS' portfolio. Emulsions with Anti-Carbonation performance to ensure proper protection to the concrete substrate. Our newly designed products would go the extra mile and perform with excellence even in case of cracks occurrence preventing further condition deterioration

EAGLE CHEMICALS is glad to announce the 3 grades for Anti-Carbonation Coatings application.

                                       Anti-Carbonation Coatings                                               
                                        EAGACRYL E-700 
                                        EAGACRYL E-800 
                                        EAGACRYL EQ-850