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Top & Clear Coats for Automotive 2K system

14 Oct, 2021

The formerly introduced acrylic polyol AC-EAGLE(OH138-50BA70)70% (High OH% - High Solid) has gone beyond reach with its outstanding performance in the applied Clear & Top Coat Layers.

Now it is time to offer a different grade in terms of specifications but quality continues to be served.

Economic (Low OH - Medium Solid)
For 2K Clear & Top Coats:


Excellent Fast Drying and High Gloss
Good Durability 
Very Good through Hardness 
Chemical & Weathering Resistance
Good Mechanical Properties

We also have other alternative solutions:

(High OH% - Med - High Solids)

AC-EAGLE (OH148-27M60)60%
AC-EAGLE (OH148-40BA65)65%
AC-EAGLE (OH148-95BA70)70%

(High OH - Low Solids)

AC-EAGLE (OH132-20X50)50%

(Low OH - High Solids)

AC-EAGLE (OH100-20BA65)65%