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Multi-Performing Short Alkyd SDA-EAGLE(SFX27-25/60)60%

09 Aug, 2021

We Intend to Take it to New Levels of Excellence

Alkyd resin is considered to be a segment of a large class of polymers known as polyesters. Technically speaking polyester is any polymer produced by ester monomers. Alkyds are polyesters that contain drying oils.

The fatty acids or oils used have a remarkable effect on the curing and physical properties of the final film . The more unsaturated the fatty acid, the shorter it takes for the coating to dry. 

EAGLE CHEMICALS is glad to offer a multi-performing short air drying alkyd resin based on soya bean fatty acid SDA-EAGLE(SFX27-25/60)60%

Excellent drying and curing
Excellent Yellowing Resistance
Chain Stopped
Anti-corrosion properties
Low NCO demand (Economic)

Recommended Applications:
• Air drying & stoving finishes
• 2K PU & NC for wood finishes
• Corrosion resistance primers
• Road Marking paints
• Top coats

Lab Tests & Numbers:

Drying Time - please swipe to the third photo:
Results on glass panels (100 μm) wet drying at 25˚C (ASTM D5895)

Hardness - please swipe to the fourth photo:
Results on glass panels (60μm wet) at 25˚C (ASTM D4366)