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Thermoplastic Acrylic Resins for Galvanized Steel

13 Apr, 2021

Galvanized Steel 

Galvanizing is a process where a coating of zinc is applied to steel or iron to offer protection and prevent rust. There are various galvanizing processes that can be used but the most common used method is called Hot-dip method.

Galvanized steel is among the most popular steel types because of its extended durability, having the strength and formability of steel plus the corrosion protection of the zinc-iron coating. In many cases galvanized steel is not painted since the service life of galvanizing alone typically exceeds that of conventional protective coatings, when paint is applied to galvanized steel it is referred to as a “Duplex System” The service life of a duplex coating system has been reported in studies to be a factor of 1.5 to 2.3 times the sum of the individual service lives for bare galvanizing or painting alone.

EAGLE CHEMICALS would like to complete your Duplex System by offering its thermoplastic sprays grades for ultimate protection.

AC-EAGLE(TP-40M55)55% M (please swipe to the second photo)
(1K Economic Grade)

• Good adhesion to Zinc and Iron substrates

• Exterior durability

• Workability and good flexibility

• Good pigment wetting and dispersing capabilities

AC-EAGLE(TP-60TB65)65% (please swipe to the third photo)
(1K High Quality Grade)

     Excellent adhesion togalvanized and aluminum substrates

    Fast Drying

     Superior WeatheringResistance

      Very Good adhesion to othermetals

       Perfect Balance between  Hardness & Adhesion

     Good alkali and humidityresistance

NB: Available in both (Xylene and Toluene)

Application Result: (please swipe to the fourth photo)

You will find the strong adhesion of our Thermoplastic Acrylics for the galvanized steel application via the " Cross Cut Test" with final results 5B which represents the maximum possible performance.