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Acrylic Polyol For 2K Clear Top Coat AC-EAGLE (OH138-50BA70)70%

14 Feb, 2021
The Greatest Masterpieces were once only Pigments on a Palette

Previously, most cars were painted with solid color paint as the only top coat layer and these coatings were based on alkyd resins and were not very durable, later they came to be based on thermoplastic acrylic enamels, which had slightly better durability. The durability was not sufficient, which then led to further improvement and introduction of Base Coat & Clear Coat Systems.
2K polyurethane clear coats are widely used and this is a type of chemical reactions by which the coating cures through the reaction of the poly-isocyanate with the hydroxyl group of a polyol to form a urethane cross-link.
EAGLE CHEMICALS' today is offering its chemical solution for Clear Top Coats AC-EAGLE(OH138-50BA70)70%

Acrylic Polyol For 2K Clear Top Coat
Advantages of AC-EAGLE(OH138-50BA70)70%
* High build and excellent gloss in two packs system:
* Excellent mechanical properties & outdoor durability
* Excellent distinctness of image (DOI)

It’s a good idea to spice the car up with a clear coat so you can get more from its look. Most people buy with their eyes. As the vehicle's bodywork is prone to damage by dirt, stones, or any other thing which might cling to your vehicle when you are on the road. Most car clear coats add an extra layer of protection against UV rays and alteration of the paintwork.

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Body Filler Layer
USP-EAGLE (BF55/65)65%
USP-EAGLE (BF36/62)62%

Base Coat Layer

Primer Layer
AC-EAGLE (OH60-20X55)55%
Clear Coat Layer
AC-EAGLE (OH138-50BA70)70%
AC-EAGLE (OH138-50BA65)65%
(EXTRA Grade with 65% Solid Content)