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Acrylic Polyol For 1K Basecoat AC-EAGLE(OH66-20BA50)50%

06 Jan, 2021
Excellence is a Journey, Discipline is a Vehicle

As we speak about the current dynamic routine which we are living & the increasing pace of life nowadays, one of the major things in the current modern life is your car. Having a car is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. If it is necessary to have one so make sure you are enjoying what you have. There are many things to consider when choosing your vehicle. Other than the performance of the engine & the other aspects, another important thing is how does my car look like. Definitely, a vehicle's design & color provide extra pleasure and amusement during the driving adventure.

Our plan (B) is Another Way to make plan (A) Work

If you are interested in painting your car you must understand each layer that is involved. Without this knowledge your efforts and hard work will all be for nothing as a few months or even weeks pass. Understanding how to paint your car comes with understanding the multiple layers of car paint. When we say multiple layers of paint it is actually a combination of various agents that allow the paint to stick to the metal frame or body and also that give it that shine.
There are four primary layers to your car (please swipe to the second photo). To start with the Body Filler layer which is in direct contact with the substrate (Car Body) followed by the Primer layer. Both of them were covered before in previous EAGLE CHEMICALS' Newsletter issuances. 
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Acrylic Polyol For 1K Basecoat: AC-EAGLE(OH66-20BA50)50%

Today our aim is the Basecoat layer which is responsible for the color & visual effect of the automotive refinish. Automotive refinishes include 3 types of colors (Solid - Metallic - Pearlescent). Basecoat layer is enriched by multiple solutions of different chemical sectors. 

* Acrylic Polyol (AP) : AC-EAGLE(OH66-20BA50)50%  
* Thermosetting Acrylic (TS) : AC-EAGLE(TS-10XBA50)50%
* Saturated Polyester (SP) : SP-EAGLE(TS-6M60)60%
NB: All offered Acrylic & Polyester resins for 1K Basecoat are CAB Compatible with Excellent Pigment Wetting properties, Color Brightness & Optimum Opacity.

HQ Basecoat (Metallic Color): AC-EAGLE(OH66-20BA50)50%

Excellent fast drying
Excellent durability and weathering resistance
Excellent through hardness and chemical resistance
Excellent mechanical and adhesion properties
Good Adhesion to Plastic

Extra Application: 2K Wood Coatings

HQ Basecoat (Metallic & Solid Colors): SP-EAGLE(TS-6M60)60%

• Very good adhesion
• Fully Compatible with SNDA-EAGLE(SFAX28-9/60)60%

HQ Basecoat (Metallic Color): AC-EAGLE(TS-10XBA50)50%

• Good gloss 
• Weathering resistance 
• Scratch resistance