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EXTRA Ordinary Dirt Pick-Up Resistance! C-EAGLE(PA17/50)50%

06 Dec, 2020

Excellence is the Gradual Result of Striving 

The increasing demand for more environmentally-friendly interior paints is going hand in hand with more stringent VOC regulations. The so-called emission-free paints needed to meet these requirements are based on newly-developed emulsions. The environmental impact of paints has been one of the most important trends affecting formulations in the coatings industry for over 15 years. European paint manufacturers proactively began to work on the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Over the years, as consumers have become more aware of the impact of coatings on indoor air quality, there has been an increasing demand for environmentally-friendly paints. In order to achieve this key change, coatings are reformulated with lower levels of coalescing agents (solvents and plasticizers). VOC emissions are mostly caused by the presence of solvents and plasticizers in the paint formulation.

EXTRA Ordinary Dirt Pick-Up Resistance! C-EAGLE(PA17/50)50%

New Technologies were developed to improve the manufacture, quality and performance of coatings. EAGLE CHEMICALS' R&D Team offered a dramatic reduction in coalescing agents (solvents and plasticizers), with the goal of creating low to zero-VOC paints. 

Acrylic polymer emulsions and other water based acrylic polymer products are important tools for the graphic arts and industrial coating industries.

EAGLE CHEMICALS produces a line of specialties that can be utilized for a wide range of applications in various industries. These are formulated with a precise blend to provide superior results when used in water base coatings.

EAGLE CHEMICALS is glad to present its all new Pure Acrylic Emulsion C-EAGLE(PA17/50)50%

Steps to prepare Dirt Pick-Up Resistance test:

Prepare Iron Oxide paste (Viscous)

Formulate a white paint with C-EAGLE (PA17/50)50% at any binder content(30-40-50)% 

Withdraw on a plastic film

Leave to dry for 1 week

Stain with Iron Oxide paste

Insert in oven for one hour at   60 degrees

Leave in room temp for one hour

Wash under tap water and rinse from Iron oxide

Film is back to normal, (PA17/50) has been rinsed with no clinging of Iron Oxide stain

Please swipe to the second photo

EAGLE CHEMICALS offers a range of Pure Acrylics:


 Excellence in:

Dirt Pick-Up Resistance

UV Resistance

Stable at High Temp.

Scrub Resistance (1650 Cycles)


 Excellence in:

Long Term Durability for Exterior Coatings

Water Resistance

Resistance to Hydrolysis on Masonry


 Excellence in: 

High gloss paints

Color compatability

Deep shade color

Water-proofing Top-coatings

Recommended EAGA-Blend

NB: All Pure Acrylics Range has an Excellent Response to Rheology Modifiers


Tip of an Expert


The failure of paint to keep its original color after exposure to ultravioletradiation .All color pigments will fade after prolonged exposure to ultravioletlight, but certain conditions speed up the process.

Possible Causes:

  • Use of a poor quality paint.
  • Use of a colorant designed for interior use on an exterior surface.


Use ahigh quality acrylic latex paint that has superior color retention. Latexfinishes
generally retain color better than oils or alkyds. Be sure that your paintretailer uses colorants formulated for exterior use only. EAGLECHEMICALS offers a range of Pure Acrylics for this purpose.