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A New Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturer in the Region

04 Jan, 2019
Egypt has been deprived of specialty manufacturers for decades for one of the most important emulsions industries worldwide. For so long we have been importing raw materials for the adhesive industry and even finished products to fulfill our market needs.
A range varying from sellotapes, stickers, and protective films is heavily consumed by the Egyptian manufacturers and consumers. For so long the technology and the resources has been missing until this subject grabbed into Eagle Chemicals’ R&D team’s interest.

Eagle Chemical has a substantial amount of resources to command the industrial landscape and provide products that not only Egypt needs, but also all of Africa.

With its broad product portfolio, extensive technology expertise, and utmost care when it comes to making emulsions, Eagle Chemicals sought out the raw materials necessary for developing such adhesive for both commercial and tailor-made products such as sellotapes, stickers, and protective films. 

Such products have numerous applications, for instance, sellotapes are for all condition uses, stickers are used for stationaries and labels, and protective screens are used for electric appliances, automobiles, facades, and stainless steel. 

And within one year, Eagle Chemicals is proud to announce that 5+ heavy manufacturers who use such adhesive raw material, and by the end of 2019, Eagle Chemicals plans to export this adhesive to more than 80 countries worldwide, thanks to its enormous network of distributors. 

Helping create a more efficient, cost-effective, tailored, and socially responsible solution that satisfies the needs of such a market in the process