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Anti-Corrosion Primer "RMA-EAGLE (LTUX34-80/60)60%"

20 Oct, 2020

Organic Coatings for Corrosion Combat

One of the most common strategies for protecting metals is to cover them with organic coatings. The coating system can consist of several layers, starting from a single layer (Mono-coat) & up to Three layers (Primer, Intermediate Coat and Topcoat). The coating system of choice depends on the environmental exposure. Without the use of a primer, in many cases, oxidation will begin leading to rust and the eventual decay of the metal. 

Out of your Vulnerabilities will come your Strength

Priming is necessary because it gives the coating something to grab onto. It also serves as the foundation for the chosen coating system, as well as the corrosion protection for the asset. Moreover, they promote adhesion of the subsequent coatings since it is saturated with binding elements and they are the heart of the corrosion protection built into coating systems designed for the asset.

Not only do primers help the final coating adhere to the surface, they can solve problems on the base surface as well. We can conclude that they have such potency because of their filling capabilities, to hide or fill in some defects of the metal. Primers, while not aesthetically pleasing in color, usually aid in corrosion protection and other performance requirements of the painted unit. Paints or topcoats generally add additional protection from weathering but the main purpose of the topcoat is to add color to the painted unit since this is what drives the consumer to purchase.”

EAGLE CHEMICALS is glad to introduce one of the main products used to protect the metal surfaces from corrosion RMA-EAGLE (LTUX 34-80/60)60%

Why to go for RMA-EAGLE (LTUX 34-80/60)60%?

The corrosion resistant coatings have attracted many attentions due to its simplicity and efficiency

Phenolic/Rosin modified Short Oil Alkyd Resin based on Linseed /Tung oil

Good Adhesion
Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Extremely Fast Dry
Excellent Water Resistance