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Dispersing Agents for Water Based Paints "WD-EAGLE (SS4/40)45%"

02 Sep, 2020

Color is the Finishing Touch on Everything!

In the Colorful World of Paints & Coatings, pigments are an important component in the formulation. These pigments are made to have an optimum particle size which yields maximum binding power and color strength. During transportation and storage, however the so called primary particles build up to form agglomerates and aggregates. In the process of paint production it is essential to break down these structures back. Into fine particles and to stabilize this state. This can be achieved by adding a highly specialized additive " Dispersing Agent " which represents an essential component of most paints & coatings formulations. Their professional provided touch ensures color strength, gloss, viscosity stability and prevents sedimentation of the particles.

Offering a very good stability to the formulation with no increase in the viscosity within time. The disperse-ability is also considerably facilitated allowing to increase the filler content, while achieving easily pump-able slurry (Low Viscosity).


A polymeric dispersing agent for a wide range of water borne coatings. This grade is dispersing agents is neutralized by sodium. Accordingly low odor is achieved which makes it suitable for water-borne low odor interior paints. EAGLE CHEMICAL's WD-EAGLE (SS4/40)45% shows superior stability and tint compatibility.

In addition to the above our WD-EAGLE (SS4/40)45% is suitable for all types of Styrene Acrylics used as binders for paints.

When to use WD-EAGLE (SS4/40)45% (Based on Sodium Salt)

Good Dispersion of fillers and pigments and hence Good Color Strength.
Good Shelf Life of the final paint.
Excellent Film properties such as Opacity, Color Strength, and Gloss level.
When High Gloss is needed as it decreases the surface roughness and therefore, enhances the pigment dispersion in the dry paint film.

When to use WD-EAGLE (AS4/40)40% (Based on Ammonium Salt)

When High Scrub Resistance is needed as it releases Ammonia during the drying process and therefore has little impact on water and alkaline resistance of the dry film.
It also stabilizes the pigment particles of the paint during storage and film formation, hence ensuring stable viscosity and excellent flow/ leveling

New Available Grades:

WD-EAGLE (SS20/45)45% & WD-EAGLE (AS20/45)45%

New Technology Water like Dispersing Agent & High Color Acceptance based on Sodium or Ammonium Salt

Customize Your Package Now!

Ultra-High Scrub Resistance= C-EAGLE (SA72/50)50% + WD-EAGLE (SS4/40)45%

Freeze Thaw Stability= C-EAGLE (SA70/50)50% + WD-EAGLE (SS4/40)45%

High Gloss Paints= C-EAGLE (SA85/50)50% +  WD-EAGLE (SS4/40)45%

For Textile Purpose= C-EAGLE (SA5/46)46% + WD-EAGLE (SS4/40)45%

Tip of an Expert

Brush or roller marks are frequent defects encountered in coating applications that result in a poor quality image for end-users.

This unintentional textured pattern left in the dried paint occurs when paint:

Poorly wets the substrate during the application

Fails to form a smooth film during the drying time

Such marks are typical of coatings with a too high surface tension


To facilitate spreading or impregnation of a surface, surface modifying additives like surfactants or suitable rheology modifiers should be added in the formulation

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